Scrypt pure PoS super stake coin

FeatherCash is an innovative asset-backed cryptocurrency that resolve some of the main concerns with cryptocurrencies that are regarded as inefficient, unreliable and risky. Some of these failure points Include price volatility extended transaction processing times, market manipulation, the inability to transact low value payments, and the absence of any asset backing to justify the price of these cryptocurrencies. The FeatherCash micro payment solution and Investment plans are conceptualized to address issues and Introduce a currency backed by assets as a safe store of value mechanism for transacting, FeatherCash Is not based on current widespread generic blockchain protocol systems that rely on mining for continued coin release. The global demand for a safe secure store of value and stable universal currency is the purpose for the creation of FeatherCash and we are ready for widespread adoption.

FeatherCash is a secure, safe asset-backed cryptocurrency build on a multi-dimensional blockchain as a partially distributed ledger that Is used for real-time payments. The underlying value of FeatherCash Is established on a risk profile based user-defined allocation of a portfolio of asset classes.


FeatherCash Coin

Coin abbreviation:
RPC port:
P2P port:
Block reward:
0 Coins
Max circulating supply:
Unlimited coins
PoS percentage:
999% per year
Min stake age:
1 hours
Max.stake age:
Coinbase maturity:
10 blocks
Target spacing:
60 seconds
Target timespan:
1 block


Unlike other coins, FeatherCash discourages mining for profit. The energy costs are too high and it creates an over-reliance on fossil fuels. FeatherCash Is committed to creating global solutions and maintaining a small carbon footprint. Instead of encouraging high volume mining rigs, our easy-to-¬use tools support a low-cost, low-impact, broad miner base.


Decentralized mining coupled with our embedded, strategic business rules are designed to discourage high volatility and stabilize the market price. In lieu off high-volume mining our tools allow users to create and maintain FeatherCash nodes that confirm transactions with a built-in lightweight miner. See the downloads page for more information.

This specifications are subject to future changes due forks and chain improvements. The upcoming FeatherCash wallet offers innovative features like Cross-Chain exchange for all, forms of crypto currencies, micro-payments platform for Internet transactions, person to person digital cash payments, Micro Investments and Smart Loans. We believe that money must serve the primary purpose that it was intended for which are a medium Off exchange. A unit of account and a store off value. The solution by FeatherCash eliminates the need For using banking products. We facilitate payment directly between parties, commonly known Peer-to-Peer (P2P), payment, your money resides in your wallet and when you effect payment it is Instantaneous similar to giving cash. As a crypto currency which is not linked to a sovereign country, it can facilitate instant, friction less payments evens across borders, whit very low fees, enable low value transactions, and at very fast processing times FeatherCash provides a means of exchange of value In systems where trust In central authority has been lost. Digital and analogue money up to now failed to provide a globally appealing and efficient means of payment.

FeatherCash Road Map

The updated desktop wallet for Windows, Mac and Linux allows users to import their old FeatherCash holdings. It also allows them to send and receive FeatherCash. See the "downloads" page for more Information.
FeatherCash is as downstream of Litecoin which means that, like Litecoin, we’ll have low transaction cost and fast transaction speeds. Our downstream position also ensures that FeatherCash contains the most up-to-date security features of Litecoin.
To get ahead in today’s global market, companies need cryptocurrency Integration In their software applications and devices. Seamiess Integration enhances the customer experience and gives companies a competitive, global advantage. To assist with this. we provide concierge-level customer service for our business clients and Integrated applications.
Over the next year, well, release additional Information about our interactive mobile wallet. Our goal is to innovate traditional wallet designs to put your funds at your fingertips. where you need it and when you need it. We’ve partnered with global experts to ensure our product Is Inclusive and accessible for diverse users.
• Micropayments.
• Our Micropayments are defined as transactions online for digital content at minimum values.
• Our online payment system Is able to provide fast and low cost money transfer facility
• Micro Investments
• We will Invest in to develop small project to raise the standards of living of mankind
• Smart Loans
• Life Is complicated and full of ups and downs. We believe that everyone deserves a helping hand time to time.
• We are going to provide the smart loans worth $500 - $5000. Build your Future with FeatherCash.

FatherCash come whit a fast. Easy and cheap concept of financial transactions. Investment and marketing services bringing out User Friendly services through Intelligent Marketing in all social classes.




When further development Is needed by a company, a token created by the company can be sold in exchange of funds. The benefits of a token sale are two fold; from company perspective, the main advantage of it is that the company gains quicker access to funds through via traditional founding routes. From an purchaser perspective, there is a larger number of reasons why this method can be more interesting than traditional investment.

-White traditional funding consists of exchanging money for shares, which in most cases are not tradable, most tokens can be sold black to the market at any moment in time. By doing this purchaser allocate their resources in more liquid assets.

-There is an increasing number of individuals purchasing crypto-currencies and hence, there is a need of generating yield within the ecosystem. We aim to offer an 1 crypto providing our user whit a big enough net of exchanges where trade your stakes, a full support In term of nodes and blockchain maintenance, and services providing a solid cc overall like basement for or roadmap development.

Depending the future of the coin very much on the fundraiser obtained during this token presale
Target 10btc@1 stage 20btc @2 stage 30 btc @3 stage.
Due the high APR stated in reward to pos blocks. this token sale will be available for a 7 days period. The necessary time to launch on exchanges, moment that close token sale burning the remaining coins.
Bonus 10% will be available during the first 24h and its end will be announced at forum and social.
Final roadmap will be announced as sale is ended and remaining coins (if) are burned.
Feather Cash Is Not Issued or governed by any government or sovereign jurisdiction. lt is a digital currency based on blockchain technology. This is not an offer for security, equity in FeatherCash offer for shares in the company or a promise of returns. You are entering an agreement to buy a unit of our currency that will be used to pay for goods or services online or to transact with or use at exchanges and external services.